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Romeins Nijmegen Boven het Maaiveld
by Annelies Koster, Kees Peterse and Louis Swinkels

Based on analysis of archaeological and architectural remains, this color guide reconstructs the Roman buildings of Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands. It reconstructs the praetorium, the commander's residence on the Kops Plateau, the monumental headquarters of the fortress of the Tenth Legion Gemina and two large Roman villas. The accompanying text discusses the archaeological evidence as well as the impact of the Romans on this distant part of the empire. Dutch text. 55p, many col illus (Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen 2002)

ISBN 90 6829 0746. (Available through Oxbow Books)

Heres, Th. L. 2003: Romeins Nijmegen boven het maaiveld, Hermeneus LXXV/I, 37-38.

Steures, D.C. 2004: Romeins Nijmegen boven het maaiveld, BABesch 79, 233-234.

Steinfachwerk in Pompeji. Bautechnik und Architektur
By Kees Peterse with a contribution of Ineke Joosten

A detailed analysis of the building techniques and styles of Pompeii's early limestone framed domestic houses, which date from the fourth and third century BC. The first part of the study examines building components and techniques, including props, posts and panels. Peterse discusses atrium houses with or without adjoining rooms and differences in construction, design and chronology. The second part contains an in-depth examination of the composition of mortar (by Ineke Joosten), including mineral and chemical analyses and a suggested chronology. The final section studies early domestic architectural design with consideration of small and larger houses of the middle classes and the élite, variables and constants and an examination of the standard layout of a typical house. The House of the Surgeon is one of the many houses considered. The book concludes with an inventory by phase and numerous building plans. 182p plus 21 b/w figs and 96 b/w pls (Gieben 1999)

ISBN: 90 5063 118 5 (Available through Oxbow Books)

Wallat, K. 2002: Peterse, Steinfachwerk in Pompeji, Gnomon Band 74, 714-720.