Roman Villa of Mook-Plasmolen

Villa of Mook-Plasmolen.
Villa of Mook-Plasmolen. Villa of Mook-Plasmolen
Reconstruction: PANSA BV
Scale model: Maquette-studio Stens, Bemmel NL
Photo: Museum Het Valkhof

The luxury villa of Mook-Plasmolen, located 10 miles south of Nijmegen, was one of the largest Roman villas ever built in the Netherlands. The villa consisted of a central body intended for representation and two cross wings. The wing on the right hand side accommodated heated living rooms and a private bath-suite. Through a 60 m long heated corridor facing the hill side of the villa the patron could reach his offices that were located in the cross wing on the left hand side. The principal reception room of the villa was built on the residence’s central axis. This room measured 40 x 40 Roman feet.

The facade of the villa facing the river Maas valley reflected the division into three units. The central body of the villa was anticipated by a colonnaded portico. An intentionally widened intercolumniation in the center of the portico emphasized the location and the significance of the main reception room. On this spot the portico was given a centered front gable (pediment), whereas the principal room itself was accentuated by means of a front-gabled roof.

The site where the villa was built has been very well preserved. Halfway up the Sint Jansberg a plateau was created to accommodate the villa. The size of the plateau closely matched the dimensions of the villa. In front of the villa there must have been a geometrically organized pleasure garden.

The Roman villa of Mook-Plasmolen was built on a plateau that was created by man. The size of the plateau closely matched the size of the villa.

The Society for the Preservation of Nature (Natuurmonumenten) and the National Service for the Archaeological Heritage (ROB) initiated the consolidation and visualization of the villa on-site, based on the reconstruction of PANSA BV.

The reconstruction of the villa of Mook-Plasmolen was commissioned by the Society for the Preservation of Nature (Natuurmonumenten) in cooperation with the National Service for the Archaeological Heritage (ROB). A scale model supervised by PANSA BV has been added to the collection of Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen. A model on a larger scale is being made by the Limburgs Museum in Venlo.

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Hill side of the villa of Mook-Plasmolen. Fragments of Roman roof tiles Scale model in Museum Het Valkhof